Taunton Trails Christmas Project

Taunton Trails Christmas Tree Art Trail- December 2023

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Location Number: 1

Business Name: Calverts

Artist: Meadowbank Day Service


We are a small day service for adults with Learning Disabilities, with a strong focus on person-centred pursuits and community involvement and inclusion. Our activities are guided by the interests of the individuals in our group, embracing our local environments and forging partnerships with several charities, local artists and businesses.

Our activities include Animal Care, Music & Movement, Cooking, Gardening, Arts & Crafts and Sports & Recreation.


The Christmas Trees for the GoCreate Festive Trail was created with Acrylic paints, using a marbling pouring technique. Biodegradable glitter and a gloss varnish was added to create a shiny and bright aesthetic.

Each of our service users completed a design over the last two weeks and we combined these ideas together to ensure participation, inclusion and ownership throughout the process.


Meadowbank Day Service


Unit 2 Higher Ford



077 15210 921

Find us on






Location Number: 2

Business Name:  My Carbon Coach

Artist: Phoebe


Santa and Mince Pies – I chose this design for my Christmas tree because Santa is one of the most fun parts of Christmas and that you can never get tired of the traditional Christmas food!

My idea was that Santa feeds his reindeers mince pies, which fall from the sky so the reindeers don’t get tired on their way across the world…

Phoebe – (10)


Location Number: 3

Business Name: The Arts Hub, Flook House


Artist: Monday After-school Art Group




Cornelia, Mabel



There’s two different colours but it’s like there is one colour and some are special and some are not but it’s like you don’t even notice it…


I chose this design to try and be the true meaning of Christmas – an angel is holding the light flying over Bethlehem.


I like this design because it has most of my favourite colours in it.

It has lots of shapes and I love shapes and lovely streamers. I love the baubles gold, silver and all those lovely and beautiful…

My name is Carys– I’m 8 and my tree was inspired by all of the Christmas Decorations and patterns that  show when Christmas day comes – that’s presents and pies and lots of different festive stuff


Artist: Tuesday Arts Award Home Ed Group Lacey,


Connor E, Cody,




Connor E.

(Hand Prints)

Doing the hand-prints reminded me of primary school


The Wintery Sea & The Night(mare) before Christmas

The Wintery Sea tree was created by putting some colours on the tree design sheet and then pressing the tree onto the paper – then I painted the reverse side – dark sky with lights…


I just went for the warm colours of Christmas – I put dots in circles to represent the wreaths then added yellow for the lights – and created it with a squeegee. It’s an abstract interpretation of Christmas


I created the tree with multiple pours (acrylic paint, pouring medium) and marbling inks in“Classic Christmas Colours”. I used this pouring method because it’s one I have found works for me…I have Cerebal Palsy and dystonia (spasms) and have now discovered that I can create art in this way using my disability to my advantage artistically.


My tree was inspired by tinsel on the Christmas Tree – I created it using a sponge to give a ‘soft and dreamy’ effect. I used a sky blue as a base for the reverse.


‘Jeff’ Two of the thing’s that inspired my Christmas tree was the colours of the Huish college logo and how the colours don’t pair well but when you stand back it looks good,that’s where I got my colour pallet inspiration from. The second was the motionful blur of lights in the dark which I interpreted into diagonal lines.

I have to say I quite like the end results of my inspirations combined.


Artist: Ukrainian Saturday Arts Club











My tree represents Christmas – the ideas represent the spirit of Christmas  – I made it colourful because the colours always make Christmas happy.


My tree is all about the night sky with Christmas baubles


A Night-mare Before Christmas but with pink slime.

Slimy Santa is holding a Christmas Candy Cane.


My tree represents Ukraine – the flag and the rainbow is hope for Ukraine.


My tree is a purple violet flower with a purple-pinkish-blackish essence around it.


My tree about the  blue moon and about Christmas. I am from Vinnytsia, in western Ukraine. But am now living in Taunton.


I would like to share my funny snowmen on my Christmas tree which will make everyone happy and fill their magic spirit!


“My name is Maria,My tree is associated with some remote cities, the roads, the cars… and those far away cities are connected with each other. Today I shall share with you something – the fact that my tree resembles my life, my city, the city of Kharkiv, where I lived in my city – there was a happy place, there was a lot of everything that was bright and colourful. All those cities are associated with me!”

Location Number: 4

Business Name:  Pizza Express

Artist: My Day Day Care


One medium and one small tree

Location Number: 5

Business Name: Frameworx

Artist: Keith Crocker


My work is mainly landscape, from observation but  also memory and experiences. I like to try and capture movement, sounds, texture and geometry  found within the landscape.

Some can be representational although often my work can lead into abstraction.

Ranging from textures on rocks, the elements and how light reflects on water are some of the themes in my paintings.

By using layers of colour, underlayerings of paint and blocking out shapes,  this helps create the textures and movement I wish  to capture.

In response to the Christmas tree I felt compelled to paint a piece in response to the terrible atrocities in Gaza and Israel.

My message is simple, a hope for peace.

Location Number: 6

Business Name: Medineeds

Artist: Taunton Home Education Group


Taunton Home Education is a group of and for home educating children and families. We love to create and believe every child is an artist. Since Dec 2014 we have held weekly art with art history sessions for home educated children of all ages. These are run by art-mad parents. They are for fun and the joy of creating and expressing ourselves. We learn about different artists through the ages and make art inspired by their work and techniques using lots of different media. Our Tuesday and Wednesday Art History Groups include children from approx ages 5-16. We are doing our two little trees this week! (21st and 22nd November) They will be collaborative trees! Lots of us will be involved! So that we can all easily contribute we are using simple materials – literally sketch paper, acrylic paint pens and probably a sharpie or two and a lot of mod podge. Our trees will be inspired by and reflect our own individual artistic styles and influences and the things we most enjoy drawing and creating. Expect a mix of abstract and figurative. We are each going to contribute to our ‘tessellated triangle tree’ and to our ‘overlapping circle’ tree. They are going to be busy, quirky, colourful and diverse just like us! You can find out more about us here: www.tauntonhomeeducation.comhttps://www.facebook.com/tauntonhomeed Email:tauntonhomeeducation@gmail.com


Location Number: 7

Business Name:  The Olive Tree

Artist:  Debbi Sutton


The Pattern of Frost


This Christmas tree craves to be a snowman so I painted it the pattern of frost on a window. It also represents my recent piece, ‘Work in Progress’, with baby microwaves embedded in and emerging from melting ice.


The Pattern of Frost Christmas Tree has been created using layers of acrylic paint over, thread and feathers that are then removed to create a frost like effect. This is then enhanced with some brush work. The tree is topped with a painted snowman and a barrel like container at the bottom. Black is used to create negative space, giving the form a more traditional Christmas tree shape.


My art is a responsive documentation of my world, mediated through play. I cross traditional boundaries and am not contained by, or explained by, traditional labels such as painter/sculptor/photographer/writer/teacher. I am an artist in the broadest sense.


I have always felt drawn to ephemera and quietly subversive art that is not obviously art at all.


BFA – Oxford University

MFA – Hunter College, New York

PGCE – University of Plymouth


Location Number: 8

Business Name: Leftfield

Artist:  Caitlin Pengelly


Caitlin’s practice focuses on nature and the natural world. Her paintings are created intuitively, driven my memories of or emotions felt whilst exploring the environments within Somerset. The resultant paintings aim to reflect these experiences but often appear to be ‘dream like’ due to the nature of their creation and exaggerated, vibrant colours. Several landscapes become intertwined on the painted surface expressing the artists deep admiration for the natural world.

‘’They are snippets of the inside of my head, sometimes imagined, knitted together onto the canvas almost like vines. My desire for nature to be unhindered and appreciated compels me to paint in this way.’’

The painting made for the Christmas Tree Trail – Dancing Across Somerset Skies, was inspired by the glorious nature of Somerset as well as the rare phenomena of the northern lights being visible in the south west. Created using acrylic paint and posca paint pens over 4 days, Caitlin has imaged what the lights would look like flickering across the sky of one of her favourite places.

BA Hons Fine Art – Liverpool John Moore ’s University

Instagram: caitlin_pengellyart

Email: caitlinpengellyart@gmail.com


Location Number: 9

Business Name: Olive Rose

Artist:  Vanessa Snowdon-Carr / Happyness Creates


I’m Ness, I grew up in Ilminster then moved to Taunton aged 16. I moved around within the Southwest and South Wales for a number of years before coming back to Taunton. Art isn’t my day job but it’s my passion, and as I get older I am making more time for it in my life.


This tree combines my love of textiles with nature: Imagine you are looking into a dense thicket in the woods, there are layers of shapes, colours, tones, and textures. You can’t see everything at once, you have to go in close to notice the little details. My favourite Christmas trees are like this, full of treasures collected over the years, some hidden and some in full view. It is a patchwork of printed papers, embellished with pencil and acrylic pens.


I printed the collage pieces using a gel plate which is a form of monoprinting, creating unique, one-off prints. Gel printing involves applying layers of acrylic or relief paint onto a plate made of gelatine and glycerine. The shapes within the prints are made from seaweed, leaves, fossils, packaging, dress-patterns, music scores and hand cut stencils. It took about 15 hours to create.


If you move (or dance!) from side to side, the metallic swirls over the top show themselves from a more subtle grey to an in-your-face-silver.


I loved creating this tree and hope that you love it too.


Have a look at more of my work on Instagram:



Location Number: 10

Business Name: Bold & Brave

Artist:  BTC


Foundation Studies Creative Arts

Location Number: 11

Business Name: Merchant Menswear

Artist:  Adam Grose


The Changing Seasons


‘I’m drawn to the fragility of knowledge: exploring how information becomes forgotten, lost, changed, manipulated or misinterpreted over time. Through an engagement with objects and the memories they bring, our connection with the inscribed mark and carved glyphs on sculpted forms, buildings, artefacts and documents, these afford opportunities to learn from alternative testimonies, re-visiting, re-evaluating and re-interpreting previously obscured and ignored realities.’

My Christmas tree explores the abstract nature of moving in a landscape, both the urban and non-urban. I am particularly drawn to the illusion of so-called natural spaces, considering that most spaces these days are formed, controlled and shaped by human endeavors. There are very little spaces on Earth left fully to nature to govern and control itself. Even the most remote areas are shaped by human intervention.

I created a set of rules where I masked areas off to control and form lines of colour, introducing the straight line, a human concept. Elements of chance and the accidental, however superficial, represent nature or a freeing of natural mark-making with as little specific intention that was possible to achieve. The colour combinations seek to bring together elements of our changing landscape, natural forms and the colours we observe in the surrounding urban and non-urban landscape, a Christmas tree seeking to represent the changing seasons of the United Kingdom.


www.adamgrose.co.uk www.rwa.org.uk/blogs/artists/adam-grose www.artfinder.com/adamgrose www.etsy.com/uk/shop/AdamGrose www.instagram.com/adam.grose.fineart www.twitter.com/adgros www.facebook.com/adamrgrose


Location Number: 12

Business Name:  Jane Armour Trading

Artist: Janet Glynn Smith


To me, trees are full of secrets, which, if you are very lucky, they will whisper to you. My little trees are rather shy. However, they know that it is Christmas. Look closely and you willsee a gentle shimmer on their leafy fronds.

Janet went to West Surrey College of Art & Design. B.A.(Hons) and Keele University where she achieved an M.A. studying the History of Architecture



Location Number: 13

Business Name: Nicky’s Flower Studio

Artist: Jeremy Briggs


Craftsman Woodturner


I am primarily a woodturner, making wooden bowls, platters, vases, hollow forms etc from sustainably sourced native hardwoods, local to Taunton. I aim to produce items that have a beautiful shape or profile as well as having a pleasing tactile quality.

I started turning wood for the first time, just over forty years ago, and have improved my skills and knowledge over that period to take on experimentation with the use of different materials to a wooden item, such as metals or gold leaf, as well as scorching, texture and colour.

As well as woodturning I have also made furniture either for my own use or as commissions. I have recently made a desk for a musician, using Yew wood recycled from a former large dining table. Making a reproduction of a William Morris dining chair was a special challenge as it required many of the components to be steam bent, as well as learning the technique of Rush weaving.

I seem to be the woodworker of choice for GoCreate, and have been involved in making items for many of the recent town trails, including large jigsaw puzzle shapes, corgis and most recently Christmas trees.


Contact :-


07471 192616


Location Number: 14

Business Name: Taunton Brewhouse

Artist: Grace& Flossie


The Grinch and Light up the Holidays

The inspiration was Christmas lights and snowflakes – it makes me feel all cosy …

Grace & Flossie are members of our  Arts Award group for Home Educated young people at The Arts Hub, Flook House.


Location Number: 15

Business Name: Rocket & Bird

Artist: Susie Thomas


My Christmas tree was inspired by this year’s blockbuster movie and the shop mascots for Rocket and Bird – BARBIE!! And because we all need a bit more glam and sparkle in our life the backdrop for the Barbies is GOLD and glitter!! Created using a mixture of spray paint, glitter, acrylic paints and glitter fabrics.


Location Number: 16

Business Name: World of Bears

Artist: Students


Five Rivers @ Park House School

Location Number: 17

Business Name: The Wig and Hair Clinic

Artist: Liz Hutchin


The mountains, the ski tracks, piste maps and runs are the inspiration for Liz’s most recent mixed media artwork and block prints. Working from pencil sketches, photos and memory, the aim has been to convey the feelings of speed, momentum and the freedom found when skiing in such idyllic surroundings. Using a combination of acrylic paint and inks, found and created maps and printed tracks, Liz has tried to capture a passion which only increases as she gets older!


The inspiration for the Christmas tree goes back to the roots of Busylizzie Art – the close observation and painting of flowers borne out of 30+ years following a child-centred, environment-based approach to primary education.

Observing poppies bursting from their buds, opening their elegant, papery petals and then searching for the sun as they grow ever skyward, mix that with Georgia O’Keeffe’s style of flower painting and my recently developing relationship with Fauvism and you have my 2023 Christmas Tree!

Significantly a white poppy, this tree is my hope for the world: “Peace this Christmas”

busylizzie2@sky.com / www.busylizzieart.co.uk /@busylizzieart

Director Go Create CIC – Schools’ Co-ordinator & Co-organiser Taunton Live Arts Festival since 2016


Location Number: 18

Business Name:  Lush

Artist: 2BU


If you’re a young LGBTQ+ person living in Somerset, you may find that being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning your sexuality or gender identity can sometimes be difficult. This site is for you, have a look around https://www.2bu-somerset.co.uk/

This tree was created by young people at 2BU in Taunton

Location Number: 19

Business Name: Brazz

Artist: Samantha Frances


Sammie, a contemporary abstract realism artist from the southwest of the UK, explores the essence of the natural world through her artistic expressions. Raised in a family deeply connected to the sea and nature, her upbringing fostered an enduring fascination with the coastline. When not creating, Sammie can be found paddle boarding, wild swimming, and walking in nature with her loyal companion, Netty the Border Terrier.

“My art captures the mesmerising beauty of the natural world, with a focus on wildlife. I use organic elements like feathers and shells as painting tools, this tactile connection enriches my artistic practise and deepens my connection with nature.

I explore the intricate interplay between colours, shadows, light, and movement, aiming to breathe life into my compositions. Each piece I create is crafted to captivate viewers with a refreshing engaging quality, harmonising effortlessly in both contemporary and traditional settings.

My journey as an artist was shaped by my experience as a Teaching Assistant. Running was my passion, allowing me to find and appreciate untouched natural landscapes. Unfortunately, my running came to a halt when I was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia. However, this proved to be a blessing in disguise, empowering me to wholeheartedly dedicate myself to my passion of painting.

Embracing the role of a full-time artist, I seek to use my love of art to raise important awareness for the conservation of wildlife globally.”

The Christmas tree, crafted over approximately 10 hours, incorporates a blend of acrylic spray paint, acrylic paint, and acrylic pens. It draws inspiration from my fascination with the enchanting world beneath the waves. Adorned with seagrass tinsel, the tree is embellished with my cherished marine life baubles.


Location Number: 20

Business Name: Visit Taunton

Artist: Richard Holt


Richard creates scuptures which reference his previous work as an industrial designer in 90’s and are based on his concepts of sustainable communities and futures.

As a 3D artist he works with a wide range of materials and uses their innate qualities to inform the process and development of the artwork. He runs a number of social enterprises in the UK which deliver and promote health and wellbeing programmes through the application of creative practice within the community.


The tree design is based on using recycled Christmas cards and the use of origami to create a 3D surface to the tree. The 3D effect is further enhanced by the use of lights which also creates the illusion of movement and depth in the design.




Location Number: 21

Business Name: Brendon Books

Artist: Dominic Johnson


I am an experienced artist who has been working in a professional capacity since I graduated at Cheltenham College of Art in 1994. In 2007 I was commissioned to paint a number of portraits and then I commenced my own project of the local beaches, Saunton Sands and Crow Point in North Devon. I am now based in Somerset at Flook house, Taunton where I am a member of the Arts Hub.

The Christmas tree, that I have decorated is inspired by Cubism. It is also abstract, a new idea that I am playing around with at the moment called Abstract Cubism. In order to generate ideas, I did some drawings first. I had no reference to any subject or experience at all. I then let a subject appear. In the Christmas tree painting, which is obviously festive, there is a hidden subject which has nothing to do with Christmas at all. The tree is painted in oils Alla prima and took about a week. Normally I use glazes in my work which are paintings of ShurtonBarrs, a beach on the North coast of Somerset, right next to Hinkley Point.

I will be painting the abstract paintings, alongside these highly representational seascapes. I don’t know what to expect from this marriage of two very different types of art. The Christmas tree is the first of big experiment.

My social media and contact details are: domjohnson@live.co.uk. Phone number: 07800815797. Instagram-hegelsplan. Dominic Johnson on Facebook & Demonic, @demonic7352 on Pinterest


Location Number: 22

Business Name: Taunton Country Market

Artist: Zoe Ainsworth-Grigg& Liz Biron


A murmuration of doves, not starlings. Let the doves of peace flow like a quiet murmur to quench the flames of discord.


INSTA – artythingsplus

Location Number: 23

Business Name: Loafers


Artist: Sam & Rudy Gaden

Location Number: 24

Business Name: The Birdcage Dress Agency

Artist: Reminiscence Learning


The tree was created by those attending the weekly Thursday Winter Creative Sessions at The Arts Hub. These sessions are as a result of the long-standing relationship of Go Create with the Wellington-based Charity Reminiscence Learning. We all love to be creative – whatever our age or physical or mental ability


Location Number: 25

Business Name: The Body Shop

Artist: Conor Earnshaw


For his tree. Instagram Conor_Earnshaw_artist. I have painted the tree using acrylic paint and finished off with gloss. I am a big Doctor Who fan and had seen a similar image which inspired me……


Location Number: 26

Business Name: The Handmade Boutique

Artist: Hannah Winston


I started drawing about 15 years ago, with my eldest daughter whom I was home educating. We would draw leaves, bugs, random things we had collected on walks. My sketchbook was just for fun. I drew a lot of anatomical drawings, skulls and hearts. I then discovered sacred geometry and mandalas and was so inspired by it, I got obsessed! I painted some shamanic drums for people which I loved doing and then carried on with round canvases. I am discovering new techniques all the time and love learning from other artists. There are so many techniques I want to try and Go create gives me the opportunity to do that. I am experimenting with texture and freer techniques like printing. My christmas tree is quite traditional, with a snowflake made from modelling paste, acrylics and gold glitter spray- who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle at Christmas?! I used 2 layers of modelling paste to make the snowflake ‘pop’. I also added a few accents of gold acrylic. My other artwork can be found on instagram and facebook under the name away_with_colour. Keep an eye on my pages for new pieces, experiments and ideas. Thanks for looking, and Merry Christmas!


Location Number: 27

Business Name: Hatchers

Artist: Sam Marchington


I’m a Taunton-based artist and have always been drawn to bright, bold and colourful artwork.

Art has always been part of my life, having created since I was a child, but my painting journey really began during lockdown – it was the first time in many years that I had the time and space to explore my creativity and it really helped my well-being.

Since then I have been involved with various Art Trails in Taunton, have curated window art for local businesses and have entered body-painting art competitions.

I was grateful for the opportunity during lockdown to really pursue my creative practice – I cannot imagine life without art.

I’ve struggled to get into the Christmas spirit this year, so I decided to pick a festive scene to help get myself into the festive groove. I have used acrylic paint to create my tree and its taken me about a week to complete.


Sm_art_21 instagram

Location Number: 28

Business Name: Greendays Cafe

Artist: Greenday


The trees were created by adults attending Greendays Day Care

Location Number: 29

Business Name: Stella Creations

Artist: Sue Clarke


Sue is an artist, storyteller, and writer, who lives in Taunton.  As a mature student, she gained a Diploma in Fine Art from Nottingham University, which was then translated into a 2.1 Degree through the Open University.  She works with paint (acrylic and watercolour), pen and ink, mixed media, and textiles, mainly wet and dry felting.
For the Christmas tree, she decided to work in acrylic paint.  Cats are well known for climbing Christmas trees and often causing chaos with the decorations.  Sue decided to illustrate this on her tree, hopefully bringing a smile to people’s faces.

Somerset.Her website is under construction but she has a Facebook page – SueCWriter.


Location Number: 30

Business Name: B Hair Studio

Artist: Lana


Lana is a Ukrainian young person living in Taunton, having fled her home country to escape the dangers of war. She has been attending the Ukrainian Arts Club at The Arts Hub, organised jointly by CICCIC, SYT and Go Create.

Location Number: 31

Business Name: Lesser Litter & Climate Action Hub

Artist: Climate Action Taunton


The Trees are part of CAT’s awareness programme – their hub is based in Lesser Litter.

Location Number: 32

Business Name: Fine Art and Framing

Artist: Barrie Yarde


I am a self-taught artist from a background in Interior Design and Decoration. During my main working years, I worked on many construction related projects,taught in further and higher education. Latterly I have worked as a senior examiner and development consultant for an awarding body in further education. ⁸

In recent years I have been able to devote more time to my passion for art. I am mainly intuitive in my approach and my work is mainly expressive and abstract, and I take inspiration from nature, colours and shapes. I work in acrylic, mixed media and sometimes watercolour. I also produce ceramic clay sculpture.

I can be contacted through

Email barrieyarde@icloud.com  

Instagram @Barriemadhatter 


Location Number: 33

Business Name: UA in UK Ukrainian Shop &Cafe

Artist: Anna & Sofia


Our tree is about different Christmas Characters from movies – our favourite is Mike from Monsters Inc.

Anna & Sofia areUkrainian young people living in Taunton, having fled their home country to escape the dangers of war. They have been attending the Ukrainian Arts Club at The Arts Hub, organised jointly by CICCIC, SYT and Go Create.

Location Number: 34

Business Name: Fizzy Whizzy Woo

Artist: Georgina Peters


‘George’ is an abstract artist based in Somerset.

​Although she has been painting and being creative most of her life, George started selling her original abstract paintings in 2017 and has slowly been growing her signature styles and palettes ever since.

George’s paintings are known to bring happiness and colour into peoples homes.

At college, George studied Fauvism in her art classes and was always fascinated by the use of colour and how it can such an effect on our thoughts and emotions.

With this in mind she set out to create colourful abstract pieces for peoples homes and work spaces that would help create positive and joyful emotions and mindsets.

George create’s her paintings in her studio in Taunton,I decided to create a messy Christmas tree using a splatter and squash technique so there are no paint strokes. Christmas time can be chaotic and crazy but hopefully we can still find joy and beauty this time of year.


Contact details


Email info@oohilikethatdeisign.com

Insta- @georginapetersart


Location Number: 35

Business Name: Wave Games

Artist: Jenny Keogh


Jenny sees her paintings as internal landscapes, autonomous in method, but often mirroring current personal issues, ambience and feelings.
“As well as reflecting my own personal experiences my work captures and displays its own vibrancy, physicality and dynamism. I am hugely inspired by nature, colour and growth and usually manipulate the paint using unorthodox pouring and dripping techniques to allow the paint to take on its own visceral form upon the canvas.”
Jenny graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art in 2003, is the CEO of GoCreate CIC Taunton since it formed in 2014 and co-organises Taunton Live – The Creative and Performing Arts Festival & Taunton Pride, Taunton Trails, Taunton’s Got Talent and many other creative
endeavors in Taunton.
The inspiration for my tree design was the cold, crisp weather that we have at winter here. The colours and mark making also reflect this.
I used acrylic paint and inks, adding more layers as it dried.
I used a palette knife, pouring techniques and a wide brush.
I worked on my design for a few days.

Website: jennykeogh.co.uk
Social Media: @JennyKeoghArtist


Location Number: 36

Business Name: Watkin Toys

Artist: Norman Steel


Norman Steel:


A career in Military Intelligence was followed by 15 years as a parish priest. Both these roles, in different ways, trained me to see beyond the obvious to discover and reveal hidden depths and different truths. This has been a lifelong quest which I am now exploring through my artwork in the use of form and colour.


My Christmas tree was painted in acrylics and, in places, overpainted with interference paint and gold leaf. I have painted a modern Madonna and Child. They are partially obscured them with Christmas presents and Christmas baubles. For me this illustrates how frequently the ‘trappings’ obscure the true message of Christmas, when in reality there is room for both.


My Facebook page is:



My website is:



Location Number: 37

Business Name: Inspired

Artist: Katya


Katya is a Ukrainian young person living in Taunton, having fled her home country to escape the dangers of war. She has been attending the Ukrainian Arts Club at The Arts Hub, organised jointly by CICCIC, SYT and Go Create.


Tree Trail

GoCreate are pleased to present our 2023 Trail for all to enjoy in the town centre this christmas.
Local artists, GoCreate artists, young artists and community groups have got together to paint over 40 beautiful christmas trees. You can find the trees in local businesses windows throughout town marked in our digital map. You can find out all about the artists and groups by scanning the QR codes on the trees as you visit each one.
The Trail aims to support tackeling homelessness in Taunton this year with all the proceeds from the participating businessess and sale of the trees after the tail has finised going to Arc and Open Door.

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